# Stake

FCB Staking Program allows player to stake FCB and get FCB as staking reward, and receive a game boost if amount staked is more than 200 Million FCB.

Staking Steps:

  1. Pick either 1 package: 30 days or 60 days.
Package APR Lock Countdown
30 days 69% 30 days
60 days 142% 60 days

Screen shot of staking

  1. Enter FCB amount to stake. Game boosted rewards is only eligible when stake amount is more than 200 Million FCB.

Screen shot of staking

  1. The lock countdown is initiated once stake is confirmed. Refer to table above, the countdown duration depends on the package selected.

Harvest and Withdraw

Player are able to harvest staking rewards or withdraw with the following limits applied:

  • The daily withdrawal limit is limited to 100 USD worth of FCB for both Harvest and Withdraw operation.
  • 24 hours countdown is initiated after harvest or withdraw operation, indicating the player can either perform harvest or withdraw operation once per day. Said countdown can be observed as shown below.

Screen shot of staking

  • If a player decided to withdraw before lock countdown (30 or 60 days countdown), a 30% penalty will be triggered.