# Rewards Center

You can claim your rewards in the rewards center. The rewards are subjected to a time lock. There are 2 types of time locks with different duration: the Genesis timelock with 30 days lock and Normal timelock with 3 days lock. Genesis timelock is only subjected to new players. Every player will experience Genesis time lock only once, and once the first reward with Genesis time lock had been claimed, the subsequent reward will be subjected to Normal time lock.

There is also a premature withdrawal mechanism, called Penalty Claim, where players choose to claim the reward before the time lock has been fulfilled. Doing so, a 30% penalty will be applied.

Every withdrawal will reset the withdrawal countdown.


Rewards: 100000 FCB

Withdraw after Genesis time lock completed (> 30 days) : Get full amount of 100000 FCB. Subsequent rewards will only lock for 3 days instead of 30 days as a Normal time lock is applied.

Withdraw before Genesis time lock complete (< 30days, said withdraw on day 20 of the 30 days countdown): Triggered 30% penalty, get only 70000 FCB. The next rewards will lock for another 10 days (remaining days until the original 30 days lock). Upon claiming rewards after the countdown of the remaining 10 days, the next rewards will only lock for 3 days instead of 30 days.


Withdrawn rewards are deposited into the in-game balance.

A withdrawal cap is applied to the rewards. The withdrawal cap varies for each player as it is calculated based on the number of active playable characters (Maximum of 5) and the number of characters that have been rented out. Each character increases the withdrawal cap by 9 USD worth of FCB.

Claiming reward will fail if your withdrawal cap is 0!

This can happen if you don't have any playable character.


Playable Characters Characters rented out Withdrawal Cap
3 0 FCB of 27 USD worth
5 0 FCB of 45 USD worth
0 10 FCB of 90 USD worth
5 5 FCB of 90 USD worth