# Renting Mechanism

Economy sharing is made possible via the renting mechanism. Some may own the character, but not have the time. Renting is a solution for the holders with vacant characters to rent it out which allows other players to play on their behalf.

Before participating in renting mechanism, make sure you join a guild. The player can rent out their own character, allow other guild members to rent your character, and battle on your behalf. On the other hand, guild members can rent characters that are listed out by the character holders. Each rent will last for 30 days.

Whenever a renter wins a battle, the landlord who provided the character gets a cut of the profit.

Rental Cut

Landord Renter
80% 20%


Players can only rent characters if they have an empty slot (slot capped at 5).
Eg: Player A owns 3 characters, Player A allows to rent an extra 2 characters.
Eg: Player B owns 5 characters, Player B has no extra slot to rent characters however can opt to rent out his character.