# Release Notes

# Released Date: June 13, 2022

# Introduction of Battle Points System

This update introduces the new battle points system, which awards players battle points for each battle instead of FCB rewards. The amount of points awarded depends on the difficulty of the battle, and whether an account is boosted. Refer to the following table:

Difficulty Without Boost With Boost
Easy 1 point 1.5 points
Medium 2 points 3 points
Hard 3 points 4.5 points
Extreme 4 points 6 points

If you're a landlord or a renter, please read the section Updates for Renting for details on rented characters. For information about boosting an account, please refer to Staking.

# Point for Prizes

By accumulating points, players can participate in Guild Tournament to win cash prizes. Top guilds ranked by points at the end of each season will be awarded prizes.

Please note that, in order to participate in the tournament to win cash prizes, a player must build/join a guild. In the event where a player leaves a guild, guild points would be recalculated to exclude points of the leaving member.


The details including the duration of each season, the number of winners, and the prize amount are yet to be released, so stay tuned!📺

# Updates for Renting

There are a few changes introduced in this update for landlords and renters:

  1. Renters who use a rented character are now required to pay 0.05 USD worth of FCB for each battle. There are no changes for the landlord on the listing fee (remains to be 25 USD worth of FCB). For more information on costing, read here.
  2. The 80:20 split still applies for battle points. For instance, if a renter wins an Easy battle, the 1 Battle Point Scored will be split into 0.8 for the landlord and 0.2 for the renter.
  3. Boosted status still works the same way. Character rented out by a boosted Landlord will still have boosted effect when used by a renter.


  1. Can I participate Guild Tournament without a guild? No. It is a guild tournament, while you can still earn points, you can't make a profit by playing a solo game. So, build or join one.

  2. Why do I collect points? The point each member earned will be aggregated as guild points. The higher the points a guild accumulates, the higher the chance each member who contributed to the guild points received monetary rewards. Note that joining or leaving a guild will not reset your points, as resets only happens at end of the season.

  3. How are the cash prizes distributed among guild members? The prizes will be distributed based on the contribution of points.