# Referral

Join our referral program by referring your friends and earn free eggs together!

Every time a player hatch an egg using a referral code, both referrer and referee gets a free egg. To obtain a referral code, a player simply needs to hatch an egg. The referral code is unique, reusable and dedicated to each player, implying that hatching another egg won't generate a new referral code since the first referral code is always valid.

Consider the following example:

Player A hatch an egg like usual using the "Hatch Egg" option and obtained his referral code. Player A decides to share this referral code with Player B. Player B applies the code by selecting "Hatch with referral code" which prompts Player B for the referral code. Voila! Upon successful hatch by Player B, both Player A and Player B get a free egg. The free egg can be claimed in the referral center. Meanwhile, since Player B just hatched an egg, Player B now also has a referral code to share with other players.

Do note that every player can only use the "Hatch with referral code" only once, but refer new players without limit. In common sense, you can't interact with previously interacted players (e.g.: share the referral code with the player that referred you)


Eggs that are claimed from referral rewards cannot hatch with the referral code


If a player has no more empty slots on the home page, the claimed egg can be found on the inventory page instead.