# Game Overview

# Grow and Evolve Your NFT

Players get to mint playable character as NFT. Progress and advancement made in the game is stored and unique to each NFT. Character gain experience through participation in battles, and hence level up and finally evolving them.

Character as NFT can be traded, sold in private and public marketplace to other players or collectors.

# Together, Reaching Max Potential

Economy sharing is the way of life in FCB universe, all thanks to the renting mechanism. NFT holders can rent out their characters to guild members to become "landlord". And with each battle the renter won, reward is split into 80% for landlord, and 20% for renter.

With renting, NFT holders can scale their empire while renters earn without any cost. This win-win mechanism guarantees sustainability, profitability and value. Hence, owning a character does not only enable one to “Play 2 Earn”, but serves as a key for holders to unlock the ecosystem’s potential to develop a self-sustaining business model.

# Shoot First, Aim Later

Compete among guilds in official tournament to win reward. Competition promotes growth in the user base, as well as increasing the trading volume of SCB and FCB.