# 1. What is Force Cow Boy?

Force Cow Boy (FCB) is a “Play 2 Earn” game on Binance Smart Chain launched under Space Cow Boy. The name FCB refers to not only the gaming ecosystem but also the reward tokens earned on the gaming platform, Cowboy Force.

Inspired by Sci-fi characters, players can mint NFT characters, create guilds, rent out characters to fellow guild members and share rewards, battle, evolve characters and even participate in tournaments.

# 2. How much is the total eggs supply?

There will only be a total of 1 Million characters exist in the FCB universe.

# 3. Will the SCB for the egg purchases be burnt further reducing the quantity of SCB?

Most likely no. SCB already has a small circulating supply.

# 4. If I have 200M staking, will my guild members also get 1.5x?

If you stake and you rent out characters, and assuming your guild members rent and perform battle using your characters: Yes, the battle will be boosted and rewards are divided between landlord and renter. Please find more information regarding the rental cut here.

# 5. What is the minimum amount to participate in FCB Staking?

There is no minimum amount. However, the game reward booster is only activated when staking is more than 200 Million FCB. Please find more information about staking here.