# Force Cow Boy

P2E Game for Sci-Fi Inspired Characters

Force Cow Boy (FCB) is a “Play 2 Earn” game on Binance Smart Chain launched under Space Cow Boy. The name FCB refers to not only gaming ecosystem but also the reward tokens earned on the gaming platform, Cowboy Force.

Inspired by Sci-fi characters, players can mint NFT characters, create guilds, rent out characters to fellow guild members and share rewards, battle, evolve characters and even participate in tournaments.

Good to know

Space Cow Boy (SCB) is a NFT project launched by the Oxbull.Tech team which aims to be the NFT platform for digital art and assets related to the theme of Sci-Fi, Bulls and Space Meme.

Beside listing rare NFT collection designed by Sci-Fier for Sci-Fier, SCB has develop NFT stores and marketplace which enables NFT holders to trade their collections with others like-minded individuals.

Shooting First with the Force of the Space Cowboy